Gunjan Aylawadi

Having grown up in India amongst tremendous economic diversity and now living in Australia amongst huge cultural diversity, the contrast between consumption - mindful or mindless and austerity - forced or chosen, has never been more vivid for Gunjan Aylawadi. Through her unique and intricate, paper tapestry technique, she explores the intersection between craft traditions, sensory pleasures she experienced growing up and the new culture she finds herself in now. Crafting thoughtful mosaics out of personal reflections, she creates works with simple materials and processes that are as important as the end result - illustrating the quiet power of slowing down and a thoughtful absorption of our environments.

Aylawadi is a self taught visual artist and a qualified computer science engineer and industrial designer. Born in New Delhi, India, she now lives and works in Sydney. Since 2013, her works have been installed at prestigiou

"My technique involved thinking long and hard about how paper could be used in a completely new way. Paper because I've always felt comfortable with the medium and can "think in paper". Also, its ease of availability suits my - must make this now - approach to art. I wanted to make something that has a lot of detail and texture that viewers want to touch and feel. I'm inspired by the..."

I hand cut and curl thousands of strips of paper from archival safe papers. These are then glued onto hand drawn patterns to create an infinite paper tapestry. The 3D nature of these tiny curls, empty spaces, shadows and continuity create a visual energy and rich texture in the works. I experience 'flow' while doing this work, which I try to recreate for the audiences.

My hope is that those who see this work will be able to slow down, even if for a few minutes and revel in the beauty that lies in small details - not just in the work but everywhere around us."
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