Gustaf Fjaestad

Sweden / 1868 - 1948 / wikipedia
Gustaf Fjaestad (1868–1948); Swedish painter, a member of the Rackstad colony of artists in Värmland, Sweden.

He collaborated with Carl Larsson on the murals now at the Stockholm National Museum. His work is found in many national and international collections. (

A master of the winter scene, Gustaf Fjaestad painted the snowbound forests and countryside of Värmland in western Sweden, a region known for its winter storms. Fjaestad developed a process in which he coated his canvas with a light-sensitive substance onto which he projected photographs that he used as a guide for his paintings. Yet his images have an almost abstract quality to them as patterns are explored in almost obsessive detail. One of the leading Swedish painters at the turn of the 20th century, Fjaestad had also been a champion ice skater who held the 1891 world record for the fastest English mile. (
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