Gustave Van De Woestyne

Gustave Van de Woestijne (2 Aug. 1881 – 21 April 1947); Belgian expressionist painter.

He belonged to the First Group of Latem, a group of artists who worked in the rural village of Sint-Martens-Latem near Ghent. Brother of the Flemish poet Karel Van de Woestijne. He was buried in the Cemetery of Campo Santo.

Born in Ghent as the third son of Alexander Van de Woestyne and Antigona Sielbo. He studied at the Ghent Royal Academy of Fine Arts.... He often visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent, where he made various studies. His father died early. ...moved to Sint-Martens-Latem.... There he met George Minne, a great example for Gustave. In Sint-Martens-Latem he met Valerius De Saedeleer, Albijn Van den Abeele and many other artists. Together with Karel and Gustave Van den Woestyne they formed the core of the first group of Saint-Martens-Latem, also called the Latem school.

In 1905 he entered the Benedictine Monastery in Leuven. He stayed only a few weeks, and he renewed his first calling to the visual arts....

Van de Woestyne was an introvert and religiously inspired artist. His early symbolic work reflects the influence of the pre-Rafaelites. Repeated visits with his brother Karel to the exhibition of the Flemish Primitives in Bruges in 1902 strongly influenced his style. We see the influence of the Old Masters in his numerous portraits. Presumably following Pieter Bruegel, Van de Woestyne's religious scenes are often set in the rural region of Leeuwen. After his return from Britain, his work evolved into his own form of expressionism, while his painting still remains realistic despite his typical distortion. In 1909 he illustrated Stijn Streuvels' edition of the Reinaert that appeared as Duimpjesuitgave in the well-known series of Duimpjes van Victor de Lille. In 1979, the book "Karel and I - Memories" appeared posthumously.
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