Guy Robinson

"Atlanta based artist Guy Robinson's works have been exhibited in numerous galleries and have a place in important collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Georgia (MOCA,GA). Guy attended the Atlanta College of Art on a Ford Foundation grant and has worked extensively in painting, sculpture,
printmaking, and drawing. He has over 35 years experience teaching drawing and painting for Emory University's continuing education program. Guy spent a number of years as a recorder specialist with early music consorts, also building and performing on renaissance lutes and other historical instruments. He was a guest artist with the baroque consort "Apollo's Musicke"; writing, directing, costuming, and performing. As a martial artist and teacher, Guy
has experience with Yang, Sun, and Kwan Ping styles of T'ai-chi; Ba Gua, Hsing I, Liu He Ba Fa, as well as traditional Chinese weapons. He also designed and built swords and has written articles for various martial arts magazines. As an
amateur paleontologist he has worked with Dr. David Schwimmer of Columbus College in the discovery of new species of middle Cambrian trilobites. (He is inordinately proud of this small contribution, having failed 8th grade science.)
He spent several years designing and handcrafting a lake cabin. Guy believes that each of these, and other, wide-ranging skills feeds and informs the other.

'I have always thought of painting as a kind of personal theater. It is sometimes an uncomfortable entertainment. I want to make images that sing hymns and love songs, but also stick out a tongue and tap dance on the table.

I enjoy playing on traditional subjects (still life, landscape, the figure, mythology, religious images) and the expectations that have grown up around them - as around how we see reality in general. The nature of life is that
appearances are changeable and deceptive. So, paradox is always the subject.'"
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