Hans Vandekerckhove

Born 12 October 1957 in the Vandekerckhove-Pottie family in Ingelmunster. He grows up with the scent of turpentine and oil paint. Father Jan is a talented draftsman and portraitist, mother Martha loves art.
From 1963, spends much time on drawing, among others, a comic strip version of the Lion of Flanders and illustrations for Norwegian and Greek mythology. Early television images are also translated into children's drawings: the ski jumping on New Year's Day in Garmish Partenkirchen, the final sprint in the Tour of Flanders, the mountains of the Tour de France and Captain Zeppos. A happy childhood which he often spent with his meanwhile deceased and childless godfather Raf, gardener and nature lover on the rural estate De Lampetten . It is here that the seeds of his fascination for gardeners in greenhouses and 'closed' gardens were sown.

1969-1975, studies at the St.-Jozefscollege in Izegem, subject Latin - Mathematics. At that time he makes countless drawings and etchings about Dante's Inferno .
1975-1979, studies art history at the University of Ghent and makes his thesis about the British artist David Hockney. During this period he makes his first oil paintings, depicting for the most part hermits in a blue neon-lighted city.
1980, meets wife-to-be Christine Declercq and moves to Brussels where he makes his debut as an artist.
1981 and 1983, selected for the Prix de la Jeune Peinture Belge in the Paleis voor Schone Kunsten in Brussels.
1983, prize winner of Stimulans , nominated by Willy Van den Bussche.
2007, 'My head is my only home', first publication about Vandekerckhoves paintings (1997-2006), edited by Ludion.
2010-2014, starts project 'Watching the Architect', which results in monumental paintings inspired by Mies vander Rohe, Peter Zumthor e.o. Meets journalist Kristien Bonneure, author of Stil-Leven. ....
2015, working on the book Gimme Shelter with author Eric Rinckhout.
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