Hector McDonnell

Ireland / °1947 /
Essentially a realist painter, Hector McDonnell is one of the finest figurative Irish artists of his generation. Best known for his observations of daily life he captures the mundane and ordinary with an extraordinary quality.

Educated Eton and Oxford
Studied painting in Munich and Vienna, 1965-6
Winner of Darmstädter Kunstpreis 1979
Retrospective Exhibition, Matildenhöhe Darmstadt, 1981
Retrospective Exhibition, Ulster Museum, Belfast, 2003-4

Lives and works in Northern Ireland and New York

As well as a realist painter of everything from Northern Ireland’s infamous Maze prison to Rwanda after the genocide and the twin towers following 9/11, McDonnell is a prolific cartoonist and the author of books on Irish history

Hector McDonnell is a realist painter working in Ireland and New York.... He went on to study drawing, painting and sculpture in Munich and Vienna before reading history at Oxford University. His career has straddled the worlds of art and writing, and he has published a number of books on Irish history using his family’s history as his starting point to explore notions of exile and identity. His most successful book has been Ireland’s Other History (published in 2012 by the Lilliput Press, Dublin), an account of Irish prehistory and its European origins illustrated with his own drawings. Most recently, he has been working on a complex, early-medieval European story about the Jewish kings of Narbonne, which is also to be published by Lilliput. In November 2015, the Delahunty Gallery in London showed his paintings of interiors, one of his constant themes, including many of Chatsworth, where the late Duke of Devonshire was a collector of his work.

Janet McKenzie: You studied art in Munich and Vienna. How did you come to choose those cities over London?

(Complete interview at: http://www.studiointernational.com/index.php/hector-mcdonnell-interview-my-paintings-have-always-been-about-personal-experiences)
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