Helmer Osslund

Sweden / 1866 - 1938 / wikipedia
Jonas Helmer Osslund, born September 22, 1866 in Tuna, Medelpad, died July 11, 1938 in Stockholm; Swedish artist / painter. He was born as Aslund, and was the brother of artist Elis Aslund and half-brother to Frida Åslund, but changed his name to Osslund upon moving to America, for language purposes. Encountering Lapland's mountains brought about his magnificent wilderness expanses of blazing fall colors that characterize his oeuvre most. Often painted on grease-proof paper, these established Osslund's reputation as "Northern Sweden's artistic discoverer". (Google translation of https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmer_Osslund)
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