Henriette Ronner-Knip

The Netherlands / 1821 - 1909 / wikipedia / poulwebb.blogspot.nl / poulwebb.blogspot.nl
Dutch painter best known for her paintings of subjects from nature, especially cats and dogs.

"...born on 31 May in the Dutch city of Amsterdam !n 1821. She is perhaps best known for her drawings and paintings of dogs and cats in the Realist style, but it was not until her later life that she specialised in these genres. She was the daughter and pupil of Neo-Classicist painter Josephus August Knip gained notoriety early on as a landscape and still-life painter.Henriette moved from her native Amsterdam, Holland to Brussels, Belgium with her husband Feico in 1859. Henriette Ronner-Knip died in the Brussels suburb of Elsene on 28 February in 1909 - Work in museums in Amsterdam, Brussel, Antwerpen, The Hague, Mons, Rotterdam, Stirling.
[Source: http://wiki.cultured.com/people/Henriette_Ronner_Knip/]

'Henriëtte Ronner–Knip was born in Amsterdam into a family of painters. Quite precocious, she sold her first painting at age 15. Highly decorated with a myriad of medals and honors, and having painted for many of the royalty in Europe, Ronner-Knip is well known for her paintings of domestic pets, primarily cats. Paintings of pets were popular with the wealthy bourgeois in the Victorian era, and her many paintings of cats getting into mischief in domestic scenes proved to be favorites. Mostly sentimental portrayals, her paintings rarely offer any metaphorical meanings, and are focused only on the cats themselves. She studied her cat subjects with avidity and sincerity even going so far as to construct a specially built glass-fronted studio wherein her cats could freely scamper about, sleep, and get into the type of trouble that only cats can as the prolific Ronner-Knip sketched and painted.
[Source: http://www.thegreatcat.org/the-cat-in-art-and-photos-2/cats-in-19th-century-art/henriette-ronner-knip-1821-1909-dutch/]
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