Higuchi Yuko

"Higuchi Yuko is a professional painter who lives in Tokyo. She graduated from Department of Oil Painting, Tama Art University, receiving the Fukuzawa Ichiro Award for her work, “Murasaki” (PURPLE in Japanese).

She has collaborated with various companies such as Uniqlo Co, Ltd. and Holbein Art Materials Inc.

She has been participating in exhibitions around Tokyo since 1999 and has recently published books, including “Higuchi Yuko Artworks,” “Two cats,” “Higuchi Yuko Postcard Book,” “Museum”, and others." http://higuchiyuko.com/

"...[her] surreal works both delight and cause you to slightly question the state of her mind. Her style has been described as “dark kawaii“ (kawaii=cute), blending the real with the fantastical and seemingly drawing heavy inspiration from Alice in Wonderland (in fact, it looks like Alice and friends even make cameos in some of the pictures!). The pictures of anthropomorphic cats and fairy tale-like girls are especially popular. Even if you’re not usually a fan of art, you should definitely take a minute to look at these pictures – they may be just the thing needed to convert you!

Ms. Higuchi graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo with a specialization in oil painting. She has held private exhibitions of her artwork since 1999. Several major companies have also taken notice of her work, resulting in collaborations with popular fashion brands such as Emily Temple cute and Uniqlo, as well as skin care giant Shiseido and even Holbein, a famous manufacturer of art products. " http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/03/10/welcome-to-the-whimsical-world-of-yuko-higuchi/
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