Hilarie Lambert is captured by things – by the architectural allure of old movie theaters, by the way the morning light illuminates a bird’s wing or by the play of light and shadow on a fisherman’s face.

Ms. Lambert has developed a very recognizable style with her oils; part of this is in her approach to the application of paint on the canvas. The paint is laid down in what seem to be quick and loose, but strong brush strokes usually with a very generous amount of paint. This style gives the viewer a definite sense of the artist’s hand and vision at work in the finished piece. The range of mood and subject matter in her pieces is broad. Sometimes her pieces are done tongue in cheek with her sense of humor evident in the choice of titles and gestures in the figurative pieces; other times her paintings have a much more traditional and classic style while still rendering the pieces with her signature flair.

An award winning painter, both nationally and internationally, she travels extensively in Italy and France, where she also teaches in the summers. She currently resides in Charleston.
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