Hirō Isono

Hirō Isono was a Japanese artist born in 1945, and passed away on May 2013. Shown in the majority of his work, you will notice that he had an affinity for trees, forests, and nature.

He gained more recognition from his artwork contributions to the 1990's RPG series "Secret of Mana" or "Seiken Densetsu", for the SNES. His visions and techniques always invoked reality with just a little hint of mystery. Not quite surreal, but just enough to make you think about what you're looking at.

Hirō Isono, the illustrator behind the gorgeous artwork in iconic Square RPG Secret of Mana.

Born in 1945, the artist graduated from the Aichi University of Education’s Fine Arts department in 1968, and proceeded to work as an illustrator and painter throughout his life. As part of his illustration work, Isono provided art for a number of the Mana games from Square, including Secret of Mana in 1993 (on which he was one of the main artists), and Heroes of Mana in 2007.

He also provided artwork for 1991 Game Boy title Final Fantasy Adventure.
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