Afternoon of the Satyr1989 by Honoré Sharrer

A primary concern of Sharrer was how to deal with what the appearances of things and of people hide. She said: “There are things going on other than what you see. What the eye sees is a kind of realism, but it isn’t everything.”

...Sharrer’s work can be described more as ‘psychic realism’ than ‘hyperrealism’.

The artist uses a number of techniques to bend our eyes and our minds to fathoming out what is being hidden behind what we see.
(This, of course, being a vast subject which feeds into the way our societies, our social orders, our forms of domination and oppression and suppression are constructed).
There are unusual colors and color combinations; there is the flatness of the images as though to emphasize a didactic rather than a representational purpose. As subject matter, the artist presents stories which we think we know: myths, scriptural stories and nursery rhymes. She makes use of press reports.
She distributes...
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Media: oil on canvas
Dimensions (h/w/d): 20 20 (51 51)