Hair2010 by Hugh Kretschmer

To give you an idea to what lengths I will go to achieve this look might be best described below. In one case, I wanted to have a woman completely wrapped in red hair from her waist up, and hired a special effects, make-up and hair artist to help me with my vision. For seven and a half hours, she painstakingly applied red hair extensions to a live model using spirit gum and endless cans of hairspray. What we came up with was a bit different than what I had sketched but I was very happy with the results and it is one of my favorite photographs. In the photo, the model, under all that hair, is holding, what looks like, a lit cigarette between her lips but she wouldn't allow me to light it because of all the hairspray we used. She would have exploded otherwise. So I shot some smoke and later retouched it in. that was the only Photoshop I had to do on that job.
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Media: photography