Russian metal artist and Steampunk sculptor Igor Verniy has created steampunk gallery of cute cyberpunk creatures and mobile models of wildlife. The 22-year-old master graduated from Moscow State University, he is an engineer in the field of metal, a specialist in the evolution of stars and astrophysics. Igor Verniy writes on his page: In the 21st century there are still fans of old school ideas. These are people who are nostalgic for rusty metal, gears, and the smell of motor oil. Igor is one of those True Metal fans. Igor creates his models out of auto parts, parts of old watches, cigarette lighters, home appliances, electronics, etc. (

Russian artist Igor Verniy could turn a heap of scrap metals into amazingly beautiful Steampunk Animal and Insect Sculptures, from bugs to gorgeous butterfly, adorable bird and many more. Each piece is uniquely designed and capable to pose in various positions or move like a real thing. On top of that, his steampunk sculptures are exquisitely crafted to its finest details. (

From heaps of scrap metal, old bike chains, and silverware, Russian metal artist and steampunk sculptor Igor Verniy creates birds, butterflies, and other unusual creations. Many of his steampunk and cyberpunk sculptures are made to be fully articulated, with dozens of moving or adjustable parts enabling each piece to be posed in several lifelike positions.
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