Iiu Susiraja

It is attitude that kills
Text: Ulla Karttunen

Iiu Susiraja’s self-portraits are like a slap in the face in many ways. The soberness of art, the branded human image, the professional status of a woman as a model and the entire wonderful world of success is right in your face.

How does Susiraja have time to do all of this? Easily. She goes to bed to lie down. Even the simple task of cleaning, which the artist calls meditative, provides a background for her work.

The slap in the face portrayed by the images happens in a non-violent manner....

Susiraja shows how the crappiest experiences can mold an artistic counter-weapon: cripplingly mundane and fatally ridiculous all at once.
(More at: http://www.iiususiraja.com/iiususiraja/english/)

Finland-based self-portrait artist Iiu Susiraja’s work is not for everyone. That’s obvious. “I once got an e-mail from an unknown sender: Go and get a proper job.” Not exactly the kind of reaction a photographer would like to hear, but it's critiques like that, which Iiu says are the “best part” of her work. In her 2008-2010 Good Behaviour photo collection, Iiu wedges a broom under her boobs in Luuti, while in Self-Service she puts her body weight on a tray underneath and in Portrait of the Artist, she screws up her face, balancing a dog bone on her upper lip. Weird? Yes. Amusing? Definitely.

...She first became publicly recognized when the Finnish Museum of Photography exhibited her in their project room in 2011. Three years later, the Potretti exhibition aims to introduce contemporary artists from Finland, who “investigate subjects via the genre of portraiture in a way that surpasses documentary presentation.” Currently completing her MA studies in Fine Art, Susiraja’s work evolves dramatic domestic situations involving femininity, the body, traditions, social stereotypes and love – in the least boring, most satirical way possible. (http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/22129/1/iiu-susirajas-body-talking-selfies)
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