Jakub Reken

Slovakia / °1986
Jakub Reken I focus on the issue of my own improvisation and spontaneous processes without any previous visual concepts or sketches. The spontaneity is supported by the imagination and associative principle. In my creation combines various structural aspects, which recreate the shapes, objects with ambiguous character. Structurally pillars of my visualisation are reverie, atmospherics, space and depth. I work also with the acquired intuition and my primary destination is the creation of imaginations of the real things moving on the edge of recognizability. Primary, I try to capture fleeting moments to get to know indistinct, opaque story and subsequently decode it. For my work is characterized initial fascination with detail, which usually represents selected cutouts made of reality. Then added to it complex story extending in colorful language, rotating shapes and dynamic spaces by “ Assembly“ free style manner. Mainly, I reinterpret backgrounds of Renaissance and Baroque paintings , which are for me particularly fascinating by the atmosphere of the background themes, motives beyond the main theme. These unidentified sceneries, with their uncertainties and secrets, offer me the possibility of the paraphrasing and linking the painting expression with my vector modulation of space and light. I connect the worlds of different nature. With this connection I try to create the atmosphere of the nostalgy and dreaming of the old world, which is full of fractals, utopian architecture, in short the elements produced by copyright sampling, remix, new post production and archaeological revision.
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Jakub Reken


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