Jan Sluijters

Netherlands / 1881 - 1957 / wikipedia
"Johannes Carolus Bernardus (Jan) Sluijters, or Sluyters (17 December 1881, 's-Hertogenbosch – 8 May 1957, Amsterdam) was a Dutch painter.

Sluijters (in English often spelled "Sluyters") was a leading pioneer of various post-impressionist movements in the Netherlands. He experimented with several styles, including fauvism and cubism, finally settling on a colorful expressionism. His paintings feature nude studies, portraits, landscapes, and still lifes."

"Sluijters had contact in Paris with the work of Neo-Impressionists, Fauvists and such painters as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Kees van Dongen which resulted in dynamic modern work and made him a pioneer of modernism in the Netherlands. He assimilated the French influences into a divisionist style, characterized by an expressive use of bright dots, lines and blocks of colour corresponding to the artist’s personal view. It was this form of divisionism, of which the chief representatives were Sluijters, Piet Mondrian and Leo Gestel, that brought about the breakthrough for Amsterdam’s avant-garde painters. The new French colour was used in even more concentrated form in a number of figure paintings from 1911, made up of larger planes with clearly defined outlines, for example Woman Reading." http://books0977.tumblr.com/post/25126282159/deadpaint-jan-sluijters-woman-reading
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