Jan Voerman, Sr.

Netherlands / 1857 - 1941
"‘Don’t pay any attention to Voer, he’s brooding about a cloud.’ Thus described Anna Verkade her husband Jan Voerman when he had again isolated himself to record a sky full of clouds on paper. Such cloudscapes became his trademark, whether dramatic or contemplative. Endless horizons with woolpack clouds above the water, and cattle resting in the fields: Voerman’s River IJssel landscapes are unparalleled. Born in Kampen in 1857 and living in Hattem from 1889 onward, Voerman worked on the banks of the River IJssel for almost all his life. He felt strongly attached to the area. He preferred to be outdoors, where he could find peace and inspiration. His earliest works betrayed his great talent as a true-to-life painter. This ensured that his worked was bought by collectors right from the beginning of his artistic career.

His River IJssel scenes in particular have been of great significance to Dutch art history. The traditions of Dutch 17th-century landscape painting and the 19th-century Impressionism of The Hague School converged in an original visual language within Voerman’s sizable oeuvre. Although he did make an artistic excursion to a different environment between 1891 and 1896, leaving the grey tones in the Dutch landscape of the Hague School behind him to produce simplified forms, an almost decorative surface partition and lucid tints in his watercolours under the influence of the French painters’ group Nabis, he subsequently returned to an Impressionist style of painting while retaining the bright colours.

With the timeless landscapes that arose from that moment onward, Voerman claimed a major position within Dutch art history." http://www.museumdefundatie.nl/428-Jan_Voerman_EN.html
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