Jan Willem Van Welzenis

"Born 1981 in Oudewater, lives and works in Dordrecht, The Netherlands

If you wish to visit my studio you are welcome

Work in private collections in The Netherlands, USA, Canada, Austria, Italy, France, Denmark, Hungary, The Czech Republic, and Poland


1. Where are you from and where do you live now?

From Holland. I was born in Oudewater, a small village that we call a city, because in medieval times they built a marketplace, canals and a city wall. Now I live in Dordrecht. About my family, my father is called Willem. And my great-great-grandfathers name was Willem, as is my son’s name. We are a family of barbers and grave diggers. My mother’s family is Zeeuws (Zeelandic) and my great-great-grandmother was Jewish. They were a family of land surveyors and skippers, and all were Calvinists.

2. What inspires you the most?

Anything. But what I really like is raw herring.

3. Your paintings are all so different yet all hold the same powerful energy – what do you think of when you paint? /How do you come up with your concepts?

No no. Concepts, no. I aim to think of nothing. Wish that was easy.

4. What is your favorite piece/series you have ever done?

This one. I made a series of works in my student room in Maastricht. There I met my wife. I was incredibly in love and made a series of works in red and yellow, to adore her with this glamour.

5. Which artist/designer is your biggest influence?

This is not about an artist,

I live on the ground where the city wall used to be. And behind that wall there is a river – just like the house where I was born and grew up in, next to the water. And my studio is located in the oldest part of this city, on a street that has acted as a dike. I think origin, threat and safety could be my biggest influence." http://www.welzenis.com/about
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