Playfully1993 by Jan Worst

Worst’s inclusion of tapestries in his paintings is inextricably linked to his Dutch heritage, as that part of the world was the epicentre of tapestry weaving in the 17th century, a form of art that once took precedence over painting yet is now nearly obsolete. Worst also pays homage to the Dutch Golden Age painters with his focus on interior scenes, trompe l’oeil devices, receding perspectives, subdued colour palette and limited light source. Worst cites the Flemish tradition of ligne claire (“clear line”) drawings, pioneered by Hergé, the Belgian creator of The Adventures of Tintin novels, as yet another stylistic influence on his work. It is the deliberate confluence of various historical and contemporary references, artistic influences, and symbols of wealth and desire that create both a familiarity and fantasy in Worst’s work.
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