Jason Kowalski

"I am interested in objects that have a past. Their story is often forgotten and their characteristics of being worn out, broken and old are commonly seen as unattractive. I value nostalgia and believe that every antique has a fascinating story. Preservation dose not always equal restoration. To honor the stories of the past, I paint places/objects as they exist in the world today. There is beauty in the undone, the abandon, and in the shadows of a greatness that once was." http://www.jasonkowalski.com/

Jason Kowalski was raised in the Upper Midwest and moved to Laguna Beach, CA in 2005 to study painting at Laguna College of Art and Design. Jason’s professional career begun with great success when his first solo exhibition at Terrence Rogers Fine Art in Santa Monica, CA sold out in the first two weeks. In 2009, Jason received his Bachelors degree in Fine Art from Laguna College of Art and Design. Recently, Jason, his wife Maria and young son Wyeth, relocated to the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Monument, Colorado. There he finds inspiration in the beauty of the mountain landscape to the west, foothills and rock outcroppings to the north, and rolling plains to the east. In talking about his work, Jason states, “... My goal is to create art that challenges viewers to see the unique beauty found in worn and castaway objects.” http://www.jasonkowalski.com/info--contact.html

About the Mixed Media element of my work:
"Hidden in my paintings are mixed media clippings. Some of clippings include, heirloom postcards, handwritten notes from the past, vintage photographs, graphic stamps and script from advertising catalogs. This ephemera concealed in my work is not solely to provide a narrative link to the past; the mixed media scraps act as a partner to my brush stroke. They are placed as design elements and are crafted with considerable importance into the composition." http://www.jasonkowalski.com/concealed-in-my-work.html
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