Self Portrait at the Age of Seventy-eight1858 by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

" 1852, Ingres, then 71 years of age, married 43-year-old Delphine Ramel, a relative of his friend Marcotte d'Argenteuil. Ingres was rejuvenated, and in the decade that followed he completed several significant works....

The last of his important portrait paintings date from this period: Marie-Clothilde-Inés de Foucauld, Madame Moitessier, Seated (1856), Self Portrait at the Age of Seventy-eight and Madame J.-A.-D. Ingres, née Delphine Ramel, both completed in 1859. At the request of the Uffizi Gallery of Florence, he made his own self portrait in 1858. The only color in the painting is the red of his rosette of the Legion of Honor.
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