Jean Charles Cazin

France / 1840 - 1901 / wikipedia /
One of the more intriguing and influential artists of the Realist movement was Jean-Charles Cazin. Although mainly thought of as a landscape artist, many of his early works focused on genre studies and/or interior scenes. Born in Samer in 1841 to Francois Joseph Cazin (a doctor) it was initially thought that Jean would also become a doctor, however as a young boy he displayed a talent for drawing and his parents helped nurture his gift.

The family moved from Samer to Boulogne-sur-mer in 1846 so that their children could continue their education and it was here that Jean first me the Coquelin brothers. Jean finished his education in England and by 1863 was living in Paris. During this year he exhibited Souvenir des dunes de Wissant at the Salon des Refuses and enrolled in the Ecole Gratuite de Dessin, studying under Horace Lecoq de Boisbaudran.

...During this same year Harper's New Monthly Magazine published an article entitled Some Modern French Painters and they devoted 8 pages to the life and work of Cazin. The following passage beautifully describes Cazin's style and message:

In the manner of M. Cazin's painting we never remark rough impasto, the violence of the palette knife, or the caprices of the undisciplined brush. The aspect of his pictures is always attractive, and their suave and distinguished tone is often absolutely fascinating; the details are subordinate to the general unity; the picture is one and harmonious. M. Cazin's dream of life is sweet, tender, full of compassion…
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