Michael Jackson And Bubbles1988 by Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons once said, "If I could be one other living person, it would probably be Michael Jackson."

What could it be about the troubled pop star Jeff admires so much? Is it the money, the fame, and the women that come with the territory? Unlikely since Koons' sculptures have brought in upwards of $58 million, he is one of the best known artists in history, and he used to be married to a porn star. So I would say he's got those goals on lock. While it's not clear why Koons feels such a kinship with the infamous MJ, it comes as no surprise that Koons has yet again decided to capitalize on the fame of others to bring himself notoriety. Well-played, Jeff.

In this sculpture, we see MJ hitting the classic Madonna and Child pose, but rather than embracing the child of God, Jackson has his pet chimpanzee perched upon him instead. Bubbles was one of Jackson’s closest companions, which doesn't surprise us...

Jennifer Tucker
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