In the 1960s, Jerry Uelsmann revolutionized the art of photography by manually blending negatives to produce dreamlike landscapes.... Read more at Smithsonian link above.

Jerry N. Uelsmann (b. June 11, 1934; Detroit, Michigan); American photographer and forerunner of photomontage in the 20th century in America.

At 14, he became interested in photography. He believed that through photography he could exist outside of himself and live in a world captured through the lens.... Eventually he went on to earn a BA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and MS and MFA degrees from Indiana University. Soon after, he began teaching photography at the University of Florida in 1960. In 1967, he had his first solo exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art which opened doors for his photography career.

Uelsmann is a master printer, producing composite photographs with multiple negatives and extensive darkroom work. He uses up to a dozen enlargers at a time to produce his final images, and has a large archive of negatives that he has shot over the years. Uelsmann does not carry multiple attachments, but only one camera, "Most photographers carry many cameras with multiple attachments. Most photographers have one enlarger. I have half a dozen." When beginning to create one of his photomontages, he has a strong intuitive sense of what he's looking for, some strategy for how to find it, and an understanding that mistakes are inevitable and are part of the creative process. His process begins after a day of shooting. He returns to his work station in his home and covers a large drafting table with hundreds of proof sheets. He folds and overlaps various contact prints, explores the visual possibilities, then brings the options into his darkroom. He then sets his selected pieces into the large number of enlargers he owns, and moves the photo paper progressively down the line, building up an image. The negatives that Uelsmann uses are... (Wikipedia)
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