Jessica Rimondi

Jessica Rimondi, an Italian artist living in Berlin, attended the Accademia Albertina in Turin, and thereafter moved to Berlin to carry out her research independently. At the 4th and 6th International Arte Laguna Prize she exhibited at Venice Arsenale and presented her work at the Institutes of Culture in Vienna and Prague. The year 2012 saw her double-solo exhibition Solitudo with Elisa Anfuso and she was finalist in several competitions and several selections for international awards such as the Celeste international prize. ...

Artist's Statement:
Curiosity for visual engagement is the driving force in my work. My research stretches over researching different means of expression in sight of finding the most appropriate ones according onto needs and inclination. Form, gesture, material and concept- this is how my creative process develops into works that are characterised by the consistent mediation of different means of expression: technically and stylistically.
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