Joanna Concejo

Joanna Concejo was born in Poland and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Her books have been published in numerous countries including France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Korea. She was selected for the Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and ILUSTRARTE in Portugal.

In this post, Joanna shares some development work and stunning pencil illustrations from her interpretation of Charles Perrault’s much-loved fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. This beautiful picture book is published by BIR Publishing in Korea.

...During the work, I had only to be receptive to what was happening within myself as I drew… to be open to that flow that came from somewhere mysterious and beautiful.

...I’ve chosen the simplest materials: the graphite pencil, coloured pencils and a sheet of paper. I love to draw in pencil because there’s something very intimate, sensitive, fragile and unsettling about it… The pencil traces every hesitation and every tremble of the hand. In a stroke of the pencil, the soul stands bare. It’s unprotected, despite the mastery of technique. There is tension, and that pleases me. Between two failed lines, there is this third one, invisible, which is right. There’s no use in drawing it. It’s there, all the more present by its absence. It’s the vibration between the other two lines.

I like to draw on old pieces of paper that I pick up all the time. I have lots of them at home. The pieces of paper that have already served, lived. That have traces of time, tears, stains, folds. Light has yellowed, or on the contrary, paled them… The papers that people have held in their hands, on which they have already written.

I like to inscribe myself in that continuum, in that journey through time; it inspires me, reassures me. While drawing, I have the feeling of doing no more than pulling out of the page that which is already there, even if it’s not visible. It’s...
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