Johan Muyle

Johan Muyle was born in Charleroi, Belgium in 1956, he lives and works in Liège and Brussels. His work has been exhibited in both private galleries and art centers in Belgium and abroad. In 1999 he had a solo exhibition at University of Brighton Gallery as part of Brighton Festival and in 2000 he was commissioned to make a new work for a solo exhibition at Aspex, Portsmouth.

He has participated in numerous international contemporary art exhibitions and biennials (São Paulo 1998, Milan 2001, Poznan 2010 and Szczecin 2012) and his work is held in both public and private collections in Europe and North America. Between 1985 and 1994, Muyle focused primarily on assemblage sculptures that were animated using found materials. These works were exhibited at Magasin de Grenoble and Villa Arson, France as well as in various solo and group exhibitions in Europe.

In 1993, Muyle decided to leave behind the intimate world of his studio and travel to Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) with the goal of working with local artists and craftsmen. During various trips he encountered Kinshasa artists such as Chéri Samba (with whom he continued to work with in Europe through published interviews) and street children who created craft objects in collaboration with Muyle. These objects would later be integrated into sculptures that evoked Muyle’s impression of his African travels (the problems of the Mobuto era, looting, famine, AIDS).

Between 1995-2006 Muyle devoted himself to large scale commissioned works. He created installations comprised of monumental animated paintings executed jointly with ‘cine banner’ artists from Tamil Nadu in southeast India. In 2003, this collaboration with the poster artists, whose traditional technique has all but vanished, resulted in a 1,000 square meter fresco at Brussels North station, entitled Je te promets un miracle (I Promise You a Miracle).

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