Johanna Dill-Malburg

Germany / Hungary / 1859 - 1944
Johanna Dill-Malburg (born December 13, 1859 in Oradea, † December 31, 1944 in Dachau, ao O. Großschweidnitz is specified as the place of death); German-Hungarian still life and landscape painter.

Johanna Marie Dill-Malburg, b. Pflugmacher, was the daughter of a manufacturer. She spent her childhood in Vienna. At 18, she became a student at the School of Arts and Crafts of the Museum of Art and Industry in her hometown. Her enamel works and miniatures were well received, for which the artist received several prizes at various exhibitions. A scholarship from Emperor Fanz Joseph encouraged Johanna Pflugmacher to become a painter.

Now a widow, Johanna Malburg went to Dachau, where she took painting classes with Felix Bürgers, who then passed them on to Ludwig Dill. In 1909 she married Dill (he was a widower), who strongly influenced his second wife in terms of composition and color.

Works of the artist are in the Gemäldegalerie Dachau and Kunsthalle Mannheim, among other collections.
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