Johanna Maria Hendrika (Jo) Daemen

Netherlands / 1891 - 1944 / wikipedia
"Johanna Maria Hendrika (Jo) Daemen (Haarlem, May 5, 1891 - De Bilt, May 13, 1944) was a Dutch graphic designer, illustrator, designer, glass artist and poet.

Daemen was the daughter of a teacher Joseph Damen and Maria Christina Henriette Albers. Her education began in 1907 at the School of Applied Arts in Haarlem. Already in 1909 she was a bookbinding designer at Brusse Publishing in Rotterdam. Among other things, she did illustrations for sheet music and provided drawings and short stories for the magazine The Woman and her Home and De Telegraaf. Daemen wrote lyrics for the Bussum pianist and singer Craamer Jacoba, who composed the music. Craamer performed Daemens number Uit Bloemenstad inThe Woman 1813-1913.

From 1917 Daemen worked for some time in the studio of the Haarlem glazier Willem Bogtman. In 1919 she became a member of the VANK." Wikipedia

Jo Daemen wrote and illustrated The Sacred Flame: The Fairy-Tale of Stefan Pártos (1927), a tribute to a Hungarian violinist who died young. Daemen was a Dutch illustrator, graphic designer and glass artist who one suspects would be better known if she’d been British or American. The detail and composition of these illustrations is exceptional, falling somewhere between Kay Nielsen’s meticulous detailing and Harry Clarke’s stained-glass designs. (
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