Untitled1936 by John Held, Jr.

The New York cityscape watercolor is dated 1936, after his cartooning heyday.

John Held, Jr.'s third wife was my great aunt Margaret Bolten (née Janes) Held. John died the year I was born so I never knew him, but spent a good deal of time with Aunt Marge. She was a wonderful person, funny and good natured. Her small NYC then CT apartment was full of things made by John. In addition to the illustrations he was best known for, he had a very distinct mastery with watercolor and did many cityscapes of NYC. He also created and painted folk art furniture - and miniature (dollhouse sized) reproductions of them, which I adored playing with as a child, and was lucky enough to inherit them after Marge's death.
(Melissa McCobb Hubbell, http://inspirational-imagery.blogspot.nl/2010/08/john-held-jr.html)
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