Night by John Koch

... you notice something curious: though never less than beautiful, his female models are depicted with a certain academic detachment, while his male subjects are subtly eroticized. Whether nude or in jeans and tight T-shirts, his men have hunky, big-shouldered bodies and movie-star-handsome faces.

There are no overtly homoerotic pictures here (one wonders whether Koch made any for his private satisfaction), and there are numerous pictures ostensibly of heterosexual bliss. In Night for example a man and a woman lie naked in their connubial bed. She sleeps on her side in shadow while he reads a newspaper, his head hidden but his sculptured body bathed in the golden glow of his bedside lamp. Here--as in one of Koch's best pictures, of a naked couple bathing in an all-white bathroom--one can't help but feel that the woman is included as a cover for the artist's primary interest, the man.
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