The Lesson1970 by John Koch

...In his elegant apartment overlooking Central Park, Koch rendered in precise and painterly detail his world of artists' models and music students, cocktail parties and conversations, tabletop still lifes and window vistas. ...According to those who knew him, Koch composed his persona as carefully as he arranged the objects in the still lifes and interiors he painted. He and his wife, Dora Zaslavsky, a distinguished piano coach, constructed a private world created, as Koch wrote, "out of the substance of the city."

A largely self-taught artist, who spent over 4 years in Paris studying paintings at the Louvre, Koch developed a formidable technique evident in his exquisite rendering of light on surfaces; his evocation of the interplay of music and art; and his representation of the detail and texture of a New York life. While Koch derived a substantial income from commissioned portraits, he believed his artistry was revealed in his depiction...
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