Sunday Picnic, Troy, Kansas1945 by John Philip Falter

Used as a cover for the Satuday Evening Post, October 20, 1945

The house John Falter painted for this week's cover, showing a family gathered for Sunday dinner and a visit, is a farm home north of Atchison, Kansas. It seemed pretty large to Falter when he started painting. He put his own relatives on the lawn, but Mrs. Falter kept offering suggestions as to relatives of her own who would be present at such an event, if this were her clan that were assembling. As a result, they all got into the picture. So there are sections of two families here—some of John's relatives and some of Mrs. Falter's. The aunt who is worried about where to seat everybody has a right to be worried. She expected to worry about one family reunion, and here there are two.
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Media: oil on canvas
Dimensions (h/w/d): 32 24 (81 61)