Jon Rafman (b. 1981; artist, filmmaker, and essayist. His work centers around the emotional, social and existential impact of technology on contemporary life. His artwork has gained international attention and was exhibited in 2015 at Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (Montreal). He is widely known for exhibiting found images from Google Street View in his online artwork 9-Eyes (2009-ongoing).

Born in Montreal, Canada. He holds an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA in Philosophy and Literature from McGill University. He lives in Montreal.

Rafman's work focuses on technology and digital media, often using narrative to emphasize the ways in which it connects its users back to society and history. Much of his work focuses on melancholy in modern social interactions, communities and virtual realities (primarily Google Earth, Google Street View and Second Life), while still bringing light to the beauty of them in a manner sometimes inspired by Romanticism. His videos and art utilize personal moments intended to reveal how pop culture ephemera and subcultures shape individual desires, and will often define those individuals in return.

Immerse yourself in another reality through the installations of Canadian artist Jon Rafman. Explore the far-flung corners of the web in the world of avatars, online subcultures and fetish communities.

In his video films and installations, Rafman explores the social effects of digital media. The artist is fascinated by how the boundless possibilities of the Internet and virtual platforms affect and redefine our behaviour, social life, and even personal identity. In his work he oscillates between wit, melancholy and alienation. Rafman is regarded as one of the leading artists of the digital age, and has a huge online following.

Like a visual anthropologist, Rafman delves into the subcultures of the online...
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