"... chooses subjects for his paintings that are usually close at hand, a humble still life, the local landscape, or the rooms of his home, but always with an eye for the way the right light can transform a familiar scene into one of beauty. As he says, “It is not so much about how beautiful the landscape is to begin with but more how I can find beauty in something that is part of my everyday life.” (Interview discussing his background, process and interests at length: http://www.theartroomonline.net/2012/11/an-interview-with-jon-redmond.html)

"JR: The most important thing is that I am excited about what I see. Most of the time what excites me is not the most obvious subject, like a landmark building or dramatic view, but something pretty simple like a patch of sunlight or the arrangement of a space between two houses. I don’t do sketches because I feel it saps the energy from my paintings. In fact I don’t even sketch on the canvas. I start by laying large masses down. I hate line. I want to do the searching and struggling while I am painting because that is what makes the painting become interesting, the process of searching. lines would restrict my painting in a negative way by dictating where things are going to happen in the beginning of the process when you really don’t know that much about what needs to happen. Lines also tend to make you pay attention to the wrong visual relationships. What is important is what is happening on ether side of where a line would be, and by putting a line down you tend overlook the importance of a relationship between two colors or values (the line I feel, becomes a lazy solution to a visual question) Painting for me is really just a legal excuse to sit and look at something for hours on end. What other profession allows you to go out, find something really cool and stare at it as long as you want?" http://paintingperceptions.com/interiors/interview-with-jon-redmond
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