Joseba Eskubi

In these last years Joseba Eskubi (Bibao 1967) has worked a gestural painting, combining techniques and processes that try to accentuate the material qualities of the image. He is interested in organic forms in decomposition, soft and amorphous that accentuate the tactile sense of vision.

His work usually presents a kind of stage where there is a single figure, silhouetted against the background., trying to maintain a certain ambiguity that allows the suggestion and evocation. The pictorial gesture builds a credible figure, but at the same time it is decoded as an abstract, and purely material. The idea is that each image has a temperature, a character like a portrait of an unknown thing until you create it.

Joseba Eskubi´s process is quite intuitive and fast, acting directly on the canvas. He works with a serial device that causes an obsessive effect, a necessity absurd and indomitable. This repetitive structure, projects itself over time like a big body beating and breathing, the strange body of painting.

In some other works he uses classical references transforming and manipulating them until they lose their initial context and produce a new meaning. It´s a kind of collage where where he tries to simulate an internal transformatio,n of process of painting. Each element can be alterated as something alive and open; continuous metamorphosis where there is a superposition of old and new planes, a geography made by style interferences and collisions.
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