Juane Hui Xue

"The figurative artist Juane Xue is originally from China. Her unique style is in contradiction with the famous phrase by Rudyard Kipling “East and West never shall meet”. Her work combines the subtle tonality of the East with the pronounced sense of color that typifies the French impressionists and the German Expressionists.
In every painting she strives to express her artistic experiences through light and shadow. She does this by means of her own color techniques that create a space and depth as well as a radiant world of color that are all her own.
In recent years she is working on an original theme 'getting off the table'."

"Zij was als kind in China al een klein tekenwonder. Haar vader,die besefte hoeveel het licht in het leven van zijn dochter betekende, gaf haar de bijnaam Hui, dat zonneschijn betekent.
Haar fascinatie voor licht en schaduw was voor Juane de reden om na de Culturele Revolutie aan de Kunstacademie van Beying westerse schilderstechniek te gaan studeren. Uiteindelijk verhuisde ze naar het land van Rembrandt, de meester van het clair obscur. Momenteel geeft ze les aan de Klassieke Academie in Groningen."

Rough translation: "As a child in China she was already a drawing prodigy. Her father, who realized how much light meant in her life gave her the nickname Hui, which means sunshine. After the Cultural Revolution, for Juane, her fascination with light and shadow was the reason to go to the art academy of Beying to study western painting techniques. Eventually they moved to the land of Rembrandt, the master of chiaroscuro. Currently she teaches at the Classical Academy in Groningen.


"Every time Juane paints, it's a heart-to-heart conversation between her and shadow.
"Light and shadow is a book that you can never read. They are lovers who never cease to love each other. " http://galerieruigewaert.com/exposities/kunstenaars/juane-xue
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