Jules Guerin

Jules Vallée Guérin (Nov. 18, 1866 – June 14, 1946), American muralist, architectural delineator, and illustrator.
...born in St Louis, Missouri on Nov. 18, 1866 and moved to Chicago to study art in 1880. In 1889 he is known to have shared a studio with Winsor McCay, the noted cartoonist. They influenced each other in their use of daring points of view. In 1893 Guerin made a painting of one of the buildings at the Chicago World's Fair. His only confirmed art instruction occurred in Chicago, though biographies claim that he studied in Paris. Though of French Huguenot descent, he is not likely to have spoken French fluently...(Wiki)

"...At 14 he went to Chicago to study art. While studying he supported himself painting scenery backdrops and fire curtains for theaters. After Chicago Jules Guerin moved to Paris, where he continued studying art. Traveling throughout Europe, he began illustrating books, painting exotic places and people living there. ...worked in watercolor, gouache, and tempera, usually on colored board. He successfully exhibited his paintings in the Paris Exposition of 1900, Pan American Exposition in 1901, the Lewis and Clark Exposition, 1905.

In 1901 Jules Guerin illustrated the book ‘The Mystery of Orcival’ and ‘Notes of Travel. He was a frequent contributor to Scribner’s Magazine and Century Magazine from 1901 to 1909. His travelings inspired him to create illustrations for popular books “Egypt and Its Monuments” (1908), “The Holy Land” (1910), “The Near East” – Dalmatia, Greece and Constantinople (1913). The superb color lithography in these books has made them highly collectible today.

Throughout the 1920s, Guerin created murals for banks, railroad terminals, and government buildings. The most prominent example of his mural painting is found at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC. He designed and painted two large murals flanking Daniel French’s famous seated sculpture of Abraham Lincoln." http://vsemart.com/american-artist-jules-guerin/
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