Born in the 80s and based in Paris, Julien Talbot is a self-taught author-photographer.

More interested in the memory or fantasy of places and events, his choice was that of a performance, an interpretation, rather than a mere, faithful transcription.
Whether it be the coexistence between present and past, fiction and reality or presence and absence, all are implied in his work, in the name of which he continuously revisits his memories and personal history.

Among his array of inspirational sources, he is glad to quote American photographers: William Eggleston, Ed Ruscha, Joël Meyerowitz, Stephen Shore or Todd Hido, but also talents from other disciplines such as Edward Hopper or David Lynch.
The works of Bernd and Hilla Becher, which he became acquainted with in Paris in 2005, also had paramount influence on his own.

Marked by a childhood and teenage years spent amidst the suburbs of Paris, he found a means of escape through cinema and US TV shows, still serving as the base of his calling for photography.
Such tropism finds its root in the first part of his work: his series, Americana.It constitutes an attempt to capture the American vernacular, the picture of a fantasized America imprinted with a sweet melancholy. Beyond expressing a recurring theme, America even marks the characteristic form of his work, that of highly cinematic aesthetics.

At the same time, he delves into subjects that are closer to home: the seaside, the fun fair, the French countryside, his family home... Places that are only too familiar to many of us, reminiscing distant memories – often powerfully emotional – from the depths of one’s memories, as echoes to one’s childhood.

In 2016, he undertook a more narrative path in his work, featuring the female figure. The notions of spleen, sadness, and vagueness to the soul – barely touched upon in his previous works – now occupy a prominent place. To describe this series, he states: “The creative act feeds...
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