Julio Larraz

Cuba / °1944 / wikipedia
Hard to pinpoint or define, he is what author Edward Lucie-Smith calls, “an experimentalist disguised as a traditionalist.” Inhabiting the realm of the subconscious, his compositions invariably elicit more questions than answers.... Recognized as one of the greatest living contemporary Latin-American painters... (http://www.reallife.ky/editorial/artist-julio-larraz)

Julio César Ernesto Fernandez Larraz (March 12, 1944); Cuban painter, sculptor, printmaker, and caricaturist known for his mastery of realism.

Born in Havana, Cuba... In 1961, he and his family left Cuba for Miami, FL, later moving to Washington DC and then to NYC. From 1964-70 he studied with Burt Silverman, David Levine, and Aaron Schikler.

..continues to be an essential and illustrious figure in the art world. Larraz's work belongs in no recognized genre. His paintings, all saturated with striking colors and sharp light reveal a world of metaphor and pre-meditated dreams inspired by Julio's past, present days and his small, poetic daily observations.

...For the last 45 years, Julio has bestowed upon the world hundreds of paintings that not only tell a fantastical tale suggesting where he's been and what he's seen, but they also explore a rather exotic aspect of the human subconscious. As viewers of art, we are used to existing as casual spectators. Julio's paintings put us in a refreshing position where we are compelled to evaluate and almost decode what is being portrayed. Pronounced rays of light and crisp shadows suggest not only solidity and placement, but the presence of something unseen, something pleasantly mysterious. This investigation gives us the privilege of integrating our own creativity with Julio's postmodern worlds. His Cuban background is reflected in the sturdy brushstrokes and bold colors which come together, along with surreal versions of.." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/samantha-matcovsky-/julio-larraz-creator-of-d_b_8307440.html
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