Equuleus2015 by Justine Lee Hirten

Hiding from Judgement - Insecurity

The constellation Equuleus is depicted as the head of a horse peeking out from behind its neighboring constellation, Pegasus. The mythology surrounding the “horse-head” constellation involves Hippe, the daughter of the centaur Chiron. Hippe was seduced by Aeolus and became pregnant with his child. Hippe couldn’t bring herself to tell her father, Chiron, and fled to the mountains. When Chiron came looking for her, Hippe prayed to the gods that he would not find her. The gods answered by turning her into a mare. Artemis took pity and placed her into the heavens, where she still appears to be hiding, only her head visible in the constellation.

Occasionally, one may feel they need to hide parts of themselves to escape the judgment of others. People are often insecure about their unique interests, associations, or even physical attributes. Equuleus is a reminder that each individual has a place in the universe, just as they are.

Upright, Equuleus indicates that a person may be looking for a place where they can feel accepted as they are. Perhaps finding this acceptance has been especially difficult lately, or perhaps they have never been able to speak candidly about something they have wanted to speak about. There is a kind individual waiting to listen.

Reversed, this card may be sensing that the desire to be accepted by certain people or individuals is toxic. One must remember who they are, and be true to themselves, and they will find the right people.
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