Kelly Reemtsen

USA / °1967 /
The paintings for which Kelly Reemtsen is best known are elaborate depictions of the role of the modern day woman.

Strikingly feminine at first glance, with their figures adorned in fashionable vintage designer dresses and runway-worthy accessories, Reemtsen’s women are not simply pinup girls or arm candy. Rather, the women, while dressed to the nines, undertake household, and often traditionally masculine, tasks. The objects that they hold, from dishrags to wrenches to even chainsaws, range from being domestic to borderline menacing, and yet, as a body of work, answer the question as to the proper role of the contemporary woman. Reemtsen’s answer to that is quite simple – anything! Anonymous torsos, the women remain beautiful representations of the female with which anyone can identify.

In terms of technique, Reemtsen’s work, with its thick impasto, represents a masterly handling of paint, which can be seen throughout her oeuvre of women, as well as the other subjects that she has tackled including detailed series of chairs and pills.
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