"Kenne Gregoire is an artist from Holland who is making his US exhibition debut this weekend in his first solo show with Arcadia Gallery in SoHo. The artist's paintings present unguarded and often awkward moments wrapped up in an aesthetically pleasing package of delightful perspectives, elaborate design, and harmonious color. In terms of subject matter, comparisons to Käthe Kollwitz, George Tooker, and Bo Bartlett are not a stretch, as some of Gregoire's figurative work carries similar levels of loneliness, despair, longing, and isolation. ...

[His] still lifes, ... still contain the psychological sophistication found in his figurative work, but in a manner more palatable to Arcadia's collectors. In this series, a table is the thematic common denominator, a sort of presentation platter for the ideas and stylistic theatrics Gregoire is serving. In "Intimacy," for instance, the table is symbolic, perhaps representing a wall or divide that the artist and his muse must stretch across and bridge in order to reach each other. "Sweets on Cotton," on the other hand, is simply about the artist flaunting his surreal ability with slanted perspective, and ironically, the table seems to be the only element standing still while the rest of the subject matter shifts and slides across the busy space.

[Steve Diamant says] 'It's one thing to be able to draw or paint well, but it's another thing entirely to be completely original in what you are creating, and Kenne is certainly an original. The perspective he creates in his paintings is so distinctly different that when you look at the works you are not sure if you are 'floating' over the image or if everything is just going to slide off the canvas.'"
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