An artist and illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa.

"“I often start off a painting wondering where the story will unfold – so to me place is very important, whether real or imagined.”

Kirsten Sims is constantly working on the art of capturing gesture with as few brush strokes as possible. She defines her style as theatrical and exaggerated, combining the seemingly ordinary with a curious twist to reveal the whimsy of everyday life.

At the Stellenbosch Academy, where she completed a BA in Applied Design, she developed a sense of storytelling through illustration and design. Having never had a plan and believing strongly in ‘one thing leading to another,’ Sims has since completed her Honours degree in Illustration at Stellenbosch University (2014), collaborated on a calendar with Anthropologie and held her first international solo show at the Alison Milne Gallery in Toronto (2015). She is currently in the process of publishing her first picture book.

Sims says that she often feels like a stage director: creating the backdrop, setting the mood and then introducing the actors which range from people to trees, houses, boats, pets, exotic animals, deck chairs or peanut butter sunsets. Between the set, the actors and the title of the work, Sims tries to see how much of a story she can tell in a single image. She is inspired by daily life and its characters but will immerse herself in the work of other storytellers for fresh influences."
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