Koloman Moser

"Koloman Moser (30 March 1868-18 Oct. 1918); Austrian artist who exerted considerable influence on 20th-century graphic art; one of the foremost artists of the Vienna Secession movement and a co-founder of Wiener Werkstätte.

During his life, Moser designed a wide array of art works - books and graphic works from postage stamps to magazine vignettes; fashion; stained glass windows, porcelains and ceramics, blown glass, tableware, silver, jewelry, and furniture....

...One of Moser's most prominent designs used in a building (The Steinhof Church) was selected as a main motif of one of the most famous euro collectors coins: the Austrian 100 euro Steinhof Church commemorative coin, minted on 9 Nov. 2005. On the reverse of the coin, the Koloman Moser stained glass window over the main entrance can.... [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koloman_Moser]

'Everybody knows that a child gets into everything' wrote Moser in 1916. 'When he sees something, he learns it immediately. In just this way I learned from the most diverse masters: I bound books, built rabbit hutches, sewed clothes, learned how to cut wood on a lathe and, from the gardener, I learned how to create the most wonderful flower arrangements. Then it was an entertaining and charming game which later became a decisively important element and which made me feel at home in the field of the applied arts' (Mein Werdegang, in Velhagen und Klasings Monatshefte, n.10, 1916, p. 9, transl. J. Van de Grift).

Through his multifarious activities - painter, furniture and fashion designer, jewellery creator, interior decorator, and teacher at the Wiener Werkstätte from 1903-1907 - Moser became the leader of the cosmopolitan movement...

On Oct. 18, 1918, Kolo Moser died of cancer.

His internationally recognized reputation lies in his unique contribution to the fields of painting as well as arts and crafts.
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