Konfliktstoff (Jan Bejšovec)

Jan Bejšovec is a German artist whose work is dedicated to the textile arts and contains in addition to pictures, installations and objects. The main subject of his art revolves around political or historical issues. Jan Bejšovec lives and works in Berlin.

Jan Bejšovec was born in the GDR as the only child of parents of Bohemian
descent. The collapse of the state in 1989 and the social changes in East
Germany influenced him as well as his artistic work. The nearly complete
destruction of the local textile industry and the disappearance of state symbols
such as flags or uniforms generated an interest in textile forms of expression.

His professional work as a textile artist began after moving to Berlin in 2007 and
the first exhibitions took place. The single show at ARD Hauptstadtstudio in 2011
and the group show 2012 at The Bundeswehr Military History Museum in Dresden
with Anselm Kiefer and Michael Sailstorfer were his first successes.

Under the label KONFLIKTSTOFF Bejšovec frequently deals with political and social
themes. The graphic and sometimes provocative depiction contrasts deliberately
with the textile medium. The use of authentic fabrics or materials like military
camouflage or vintage clothes adds to the various motifs. Next to the many political
statements in his works, he refers to the old traditions of textile arts and
crafts in stately, military, or propagandistic contexts. He also tries to call attention
to relevant historical places through textile installations within the public space.
Bejšovec is a modernist in the textile arts and combines traditional craft techniques
with computer generated motifs influenced by street art or stencil-art. By the
elaborate use of hand embroidery he creates a relief-like textile structure. To create
photographically accurate templates for the embroidery, modern picture editing
software is used. The embroidery itself is always done by hand, not by machines,
thus increasing the authenticity of the picture.
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