Kriss completed with honors at that great Dutch traditional institution in The Hague, the Royal Art Academy.

Spinhoven is somewhat hesitant to speak about her own paintings as she prefers to let the tapestry of color and form seep slowly into the mind of the viewer. She succeeds in doing exactly that for after some time, I too felt I knew Lenie somewhat.

The artist succeeded in giving me that interest in the sitter through her poses, through her expressions and when the interview ended, after a few hours, I wanted to see even more of this fascinating model. Lenie started out at a very early age as a professional painter’s model and earning not only her own keep but also the respect and admiration of other painters in Amsterdam, yet no one has done what Spinhoven accomplished with so much devotion to her art and with a dogged commitment to her model Lenie.

Looking at the art work on the walls of the Gallery you sense the great portrait tradition in European Art from Goya to Lucian Freud who painted their models with such expansionist fervor.

Here I find some of that same intent that is precisely where Spinhoven succeeds so well through that combination of color and composition holding your attention and bringing it back to Lenie posing, no, not just posing for us but Lenie being just Lenie.

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