Lara Nasser

Lebanon / °1991 /
There are direct breaches of social code: the deviant, the revolutionary, the ones incapable of abiding. I'm interested rather in those who cooperate most of the way. Using our differences as measuring sticks and etiquette as a lifebuoy, we usually bob peacefully over uncomfortable situations. Most of us have schedules and habits, jobs and memberships, structures which carry the potential for us to fail. Within that potential lie the tiny anxieties of public life.

Living between Beirut and New York I experience a contrast of strategies for maintaining societal norms. I see embarrassment, hesitation, botched attempts and power struggles. As they spill over invisible parameters, there is an opportunity to question the parameters themselves. There is often also an opportunity to laugh. From the macro level of political conflict to my own personal insecurities, I recreate these systems and their participants as they tumble through a sliding scale of breakdowns.
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Moenen Erbuer


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