Lech Frąckowiak

Joking, half-joking and quite seriously – a dialogue with Professor Lech Frackowiak, an excellent artist, illustrator, satirist and humorist in one person. His prints and drawings allow us to look into the intimate world of artist’s imagination.

The artist divided his exhibition in 3 parts – jokes, serious matter and all in between – which gave the exhibiton its title. The artist is showing us both – serious drawings, ‘born out of an inner need’ and very serious, ‘the fruit of the special state of mind” – i.e., cartoons and satirical drawings. Characters in his pictures are dressed in bizarre theatrical costumes, as taken form the world of Antiquity, they talk with each other and with us, gesticulate with passion, argue, intrigue and exercise together philosophical discourse. They are actors on the stage created by Lech Frąckowiak.

The artists imposes a kind of game, he wants us to have good time at the exhibition, but in the same time invites us to reflect on the essence of human existance – impermanance.

That’s what the artist says about his inspirations:

Man is a secret. Hidden and diligently and jealously guarded. This is one of the main reasons why man became the subject of my work, my interest and fascination. In my art I am not trying to unravel the mysteries of what it is to be a man, I think that is not possible.

Perfect technique, talent and extraordinary personality or the artist, admired by both the experts and the readers of magazines, means that we can look at those masterpieces full of wit, paradox and irony and – the masterpieces of the genre called satire.
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